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A New Time with a new perspective.


 Wide Awake -

 Be this Truth or fantasy I hopeful you will find a door to the realm of possibility. Just before you read this take a second to create three boxes for beliefs. 1) it rings true to my soul, 2) it could be Truth but I am not sure, 3) feels creepy. #1 is pretty clear that it is Truth for you - #2 your Truth will be clear to you when you expand your awareness and consciousness, #3 burn it.  HINT: only you can define your reality, rule 1 is that you have free will to experience anything, free will to even modify your prenatal contract, free will has no bounds, simply say “I ask to experience ….”.   

 My most common type of blocks to expanded awareness and increased consciousness is that of my physical mind chatter. Especially when it spirals into confusion. When I am confused it is the sign to myself that I am wasting my time thinking about the topic at hand. Sometimes I trick myself into thinking that there is a lesson to be learned. “I need to know this so that the next time I will be prepared” or maybe I say “if I look at this long enough I will see a true and deeper meaning”. 

 If you get into a state of confusion or maybe frustration, or heaven forbid hopelessness or desperation – stop your thoughts right there and look at your emotion. Are you happy, do you feel love, do you feel connected, do you feel empowered? If you do not feel in harmony than you are operating is a mental space that can not offer much assistance. When you are blended with your higher consciousness/spirit self every cell in your body is vibrating higher and your connection to The Source/God/add your belief here, is very strong. When you are connected to/ blended with your True self you will feel only love and all the emotion around that feeling. If you are not feeling love, happiness, hope, freedom, and liberation then you are thinking/feeling/acting/living within your physical mental box.

 With that in mind consider the following Truth or fantasy -  

 I see our universe contained in a glass”like” tube. At one end of the tube we have the explosive application of energy. At the other end we have our current experience in the time line. There was just a group of us spirit monads that were playing around with this tube concept at the beginning. The creation of a spirit Monad can be viewed as a similar process as physical cellular division.  Similar to the reproductive process in nature, The Source takes a ball of Source energy and infuses it with consciousness. It is then given free will to express itself as a unique identity. Is a single cell in your fingernail less important than a single cell in your eye.  Both these cells have the entire complex of the source cell.  Both these cells are interconnected energetically. The analogy breaks down pretty quickly. But it may be helpful as a tool to peak at the concept that - all that exists is interconnected and makes up a collective consciousness and simultaneous contains the aspect of individual uniqueness.

 I use the word “Spirit” generally to refer to an individual monad in spirit time/space and also the collective consciousness of monads when connected to (MATRIXed) the Source/eachother/group. It would be very time consuming to identify each aspect of the Source in each sentence. Whether you read a sentence and perceive “Spirit” as yourself ,as an individual, or as an individual that is a particle of the collective consciousness of the Source, or simply God, it’s all the same.  

 From outside the tube we see energy. We see the energy of intent, inertia, direction, pattern/character. We can see the beginning of physical time as well as the probable future based on intent, momentum, and direction. HINT: free will of any being can alter the probable manifestation at anytime (Yes, no destiny, although we have collective and individual intended outcomes and experiences) - regardless spirit knows probability. As you look at the tube from a spirit vantage point there is no past life of a specific monad. There are many concurrent life experiences for each monad happening within the tube. Say for example that you – the consciousness of a physical monad that is focused on this 2006 time/space within the tube - then decided to focus your awareness on another expression of yourself that existed at another time/space in this tube, you would be able to EXPERIENCE the other seeming “past life”/dimension/vibration/energy pattern. You might even have the expanded awareness and consciousness to EXPERIENCE a part of yourself on another one of the billions of other planets within this tube.

 Why is EXPERIENCE important in this conversation? Once you experience something it becomes more real than just a thought in your head. Once you experience something really far out there you have three core options – it was real – it was maybe real – I made it up in head. Suppose that you shared your whacky experience with a few others and said they experienced they same exact thing. The reality of your experience increased a level in the belief scale. Now suppose that over the course of time you meet people all over the global that experienced the same far out thing.  Now you’re getting to a point where it is difficult to dismiss the validity of your experience.  Similar concept with a seminar – if enough people experience it, talk about it, give energy, solidify it, believe it, it becomes real, gets anchored in the human Matrix and it is then so much easier for other to grasp it.  Do you want to solidify negative thoughts ( and have to run more karma clean-up) or do you want to solidify thoughts of Life, Truth, Light, and Love? This is the format that we use to create our perceived existence. Energy follows thought. EXPERIENCE is our perception of the energy around us.  


We, as spirit, said let’s create a new and unique plane of existence. Let’s create an evolutionary universe where thought and intent are slowed. Let’s create a place where we can intend to create and experience something, anything – and that instead of instant manifestation like we experience here in spirit space let’s slow the process down to a snails pace. And yes, we invented a “snail pace” right there before we even created the physical universe and snails in this glass tube. We sat down and started to brainstorm – we wanted a place were we could experience the process of creation while it developed. If we could slow the vibration of all energy inside this glass tube we could watch in the minutest detail how our spirit intent was able to create magnificent manifestations of our thoughts.

 We wanted to watch/learn/understand/ and experiment with ultra slow creation inside this glass tube. We would need to setup the rules of creation, laws of manifestation; we needed to slow the vibration of all the energy within the experiment. We had a bit of a problem. We were spirit with the ability to instantly see the manifestation of our thoughts so even if it took a bit “physical time” inside the tube we instantly knew what the outcome was and we could not experience the cause and effect actions that happened so quickly and that was pretty boring. We saw the interests and intent go in and results come out. We as spirit could not cast off our intent into this experiment and watch it work in detail with any satisfaction. We had a brainstorm, as we most often did. We needed to go inside to start this toy up and create stuff and experience how creation works at one of lowest rates of energy vibration that we could create and sustain.  


There is no time or space outside, in the True spirit existence, as we perceive it from inside this glass tube. From spirit perspective our cycles (incarnations) in this tube exist at the same time. From inside this tube we do not have the awareness to sense it nor do we have consciousness to understand it. Atleast up until recently we did not. As the frequency of energy is increased inside the tube we are now more easily able to receive and decipher the imagery of complex thoughts that are were always there. We are also able connect to other beings more easily using our developing telepathy talents.

 On occasion I see complex thoughts coming into my awareness as gold discs with symbols on them.  Sometimes they unfold and I can see/sense a entire chain of thoughts or actions in split second. The telepathic communication can convey an incredible amount of information.

 It took awhile for my physical brain to decipher and translate the complex thought into something meaningful. For me this process is as real as any other type of communication I use. No big secret here – I asked guides for help, said I wanted to modify my DNA, I wanted wake up, I wanted to serve to the highest good, I asked that I wake up quickly, safely, naturally, and presto – Ok – it took a while and some practice but it was literally that easy.   



As the word, really a thought in the spirit collective conscious “MATRIX”,  went out about this novel experiment pretty quickly many more monads came to the sandbox and wanted to PLAY. So like most multi-user games we setup parameters. We created a gamescape, we created characters, roles, scenarios, evolutions, and just like our spirit existence we created rules using mathematical expressions as a basis for this creation. It was much like the “ant farm” toy that you can buy at a toy store. From a spirit vantage point we had created an ideal ant farm in which to experience the behavior and interaction of thoughts, feelings, and creation that danced together in a complex ball of energy. HINT: if you see symbols for fun, dance, Love, creation, intent, spirit self, from within, Source, frequency, vibration, feel, experience,  - they are triggers to wake up – if you see symbols for sickness, disease, war, control, hierarchy, righteousness, separation, segregation, elitism, sin,  conforming, fitting in, isolation, condemnation – they are control mechanism to confuse and scare you. Fear is the most powerful control method there is. Some of newer adds on TV actually attempt to appeal to your desire to “wake up”, to create, to express, to be free. They make you feel good but the underlying message is “take this drug” or contribute to this glorious group (large corporation enslavement) See these controls for what they are, laugh, and release them.  They have no power – that was then, and this is Now. If a leader says something that makes you feel fear individually or as a society they are putting in the hooks of control. Fear/Fiction or Love/Truth your choice.


We created this glass tube and with our collective intent. We then sent energy into this glass”like” tube. We sent in a bunch of raw energy/’material’. Now came the tricky part. We could see the energy ebb, flow, and dance. We had some control but we were not able to EXPERIENCE anything from the outside. We needed to go inside to experience.  But we, as high vibrating spirit, could not exist in such a low vibration environment. Our natural state of existence in spirit is a continual division of our Source self.  We exist as an individual spirit consciousness while simultaneously merged with the collective Source. I can personally EXPERIENCE this merging as can many others while in this physical reality.  Once you EXPERIENCE it for yourself the seemingly absurd concept of merging/blending/existing as separate individual and a collective Source seems natural. As Morpheus said to Neo – “No one can tell you what the Matrix is - You have to experience it for yourself.”  Anyway – since we were not able to stuff our high vibrating/ expansive consciousness into low vibrating physical vessels we created an evolutionary process to develop a vessel that could carry a limited amount of consciousness. Each of our spirit monads utilized multiple vessels with varying degrees of awareness, consciousness, and individually.  This process was much like the ever expanding and unfolding of the Source mind. We applied a similar conscious unfoldment process to this experiment. As the energy expanded within the tube and physicality unfolded we sent fragments of our consciousness in the tube to experience the slower manifestation of creation. 

 If you take a second to consider the vantage point of spirit you might be able to see how past lives is perceived.  From a spirit perspective this tube of creation unfolds in the blink of eye.  We wanted to experience all the different aspects and opportunities over the perceived physical timeline.  We sent in many separate instances of consciousness into the tube. From the outside there is not the same perception of linearity of time. So from a spirit perspective each of these incarnations is more or less a parallel experience.

 Think for a second about the beauty of this formula. We created a playground where we could dissect and observe our spirit mind in action. And in this morphed universe, individual monads could experience the discovery process of ANY aspect of this universe. A monad could explore many avenues of interest. How did our ingenious spirit mathematical equation, that we created in a fraction of a synaptic thought, create this human skin on a physical being on this planet earth. Some monads decided to explore of depth of the human cellular structure. Some decided to look at - what is the formula, makeup and source of physicality? Why now in this physical time frame do we start to discover that every physical thing is dancing to an unidentifiable beat of some invisible drum? Time to wake up?  Some wanted to explore the stars and source of creation. Some use the resources of the planet to create object and mechanisms. Some create object of pleasure and beauty and some create complex objects of power.  How many of us physical beings are starting to realize that physical power is dwarfed by the power of our spirit selves. How can something so insignificant as a spec of low vibration energy affect our unquantifiable amount of Source energy?  But within this realm of illusionary existence the disconnected consciousness of the elite monads that want to continue to be big fish in a small pond may threaten to use nuclear weapons and destroy our very fragile experiment. You will see this pattern “if I can’t be the king of sandbox – no one will”.  Before that threat you will see them try and control you using the insight, techniques, strategies, and seeming power of a ruling class whose energetic were planted here thousands of years ago. Most people in the good olde US of A benefit from the injustices so it’s hard to see the mal-intent. Why would a being want to discover, let alone acknowledge their role in the exploitation and control of other monads? It does not matter because there is no right or wrong or good or bad – when more people wake up and realize energy is free, money is abundant, that this is just spirit play time, when our physical consciousness, our spirit conscious, and the collective consciousness of the Source all blend, the lower vibration energy will not be able to exist in that new plane.

 There were also divine energetics that were seeded. Individuals appeared all over the earth/universe represented at different times, cultures and religions with the intent of demonstrating that human belief systems that were created so long ago were corrupted, filtered, or lost.  They anchored the Truth in the human MATRIX. The energy of the Truth is only a prayer (ask your guides for help) and mediation (quiet the mind chatter and feel from the heart) away from each being. There is no right or wrong religion, no better religion, there are man made belief systems that have be applied to religions for control, there are filtered truths in religions because the people with the pen that were allowed to write were not able to sustain the high frequency, and others did not have the expanded awareness to see the big picture, others did not have the expanded consciousness to decipher the complex thoughts without adding their own physical mind chatter in the mix.  If you want to know the Truth you need to get it yourself, first hand.

 I want to introduce the concept that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad. There is intent. Did you kill someone because you hated them or was it because they were sick and did not want to suffer? What was the intent of the individual is the key. To grasp this it is helpful to have some background information. When we first created this ant farm we sent in our individual physical monads with a fair amount of consciousness and awareness. Due to the low vibration of physicality we could not send all of our spirit self (energy and frequency) into a physical vessel.  We needed a lot of help to maintain our ant farm. We needed spirit beings to help manage energy, logistics, communications, creation unfoldment, … Beings volunteered to play all these various roles and we were ready to send in our first wave of physical monads. We sent them in to play in the creation experiment.  These physical beings were fairly well connected to our spirit source. Their telepathic thoughts were managed by various groups of translators and energy controllers. As our complex thoughts of telepathic communication interfaced with our physical beings the thoughts need to be scaled down to a lower vibration and directed through the human thought matrix. And when our physical monads communicated with us the process worked in reverse. Here is where things got interesting. A group of spirit beings in the role of communications management had a great idea. They wanted to play a trick on the group of spirit beings that were in the incarnation group. They started to intercept some of the communications flowing through the matrix, the communications channels, and they started to alter the messages. They sent energetic messages of control, of hierarchy, of false beliefs, of confusion, and other negative vibrations. Their actions sent the seeds of negativity, low vibration, and of disconnection from the Source.  The spirit community quickly identified the pranksters and started to take step to rectify the problems that this group had created. Our ant farm/experiment was spiraling into such a low energetic vibration that our spirit selves were not able to establish or maintain a clear communication channel with our incarnate monads.  Our physical universe was experiencing an aspect of possibility that was truly unique. No where else in the omniverse was a creation vibrating slow and so disconnected from reality. There are two vantage points to consider here. One on hand we had this incredibly novel creation in which to explore avenues of thought, emotions, and the creation processes. And on the other hand we were sending particles of our spirit consciousness into a black hole.  The group of spirit beings that continued to send their monads into the physical universe were excited to have the opportunity to participate. Some spirit beings only participated in a few incarnations while other spirit beings have been sending incarnated consciousness in since the start of the experiment. Just like walking into any new situation there is a stage of understanding, of development, and integration. For the spirit group that has been continually sending incarnate expression of themselves, they have developed their role-play characters into magnificent physical beings (old souls).  For the one or two time players the challenges can be a struggle.  From most incarnate being’s perspective this so called life is filled with obstacles.  When we start to REMEMBER that the friction and heat of our experiences is the fuel to raise our vibration our perspective life becomes much more enjoyable.

 We as spirit have attempted on two occasions to raise the physical universe vibration state to one that is more connected with our true spirit existence. In the first attempt we made adjustments so that our incarnate beings had a strong connect with spirit. They realized and experienced that they were living as one with the creator and each other.  Unfortunately, they did possess the raw energy, horsepower, to raise the vibration of all things in the tube. So we tried again. We created a new civilization one earth and sent in a new wave of beings.  We created an environment that experienced more friction and heat. We turned down the spiritual awareness energy which in-turn increased the raw energy. In this less harmonious environment ambition, passion, determination, and other energetic creative aspect of express became more prevalent.  It is analogous to the ying and yang or the masculine and feminine aspects  concepts. The total sum of the energy that is contained in the tube can be adjusted toward a more ying or a more yang character of vibration.  A balance is the ideal mix for a harmonious environment but as we discovered it did not have the inertia to break the vibration dimensional barrier for the entire manifestation. So in our new attempt our plan was to create much more energetic momentum and then wake up our physical incarnate beings and show them how to use the their energy control centers to direct and manage the available power. Through angelic communication, inspiration, revelation, other methodology we showed them over a very short period of physical time how to use the body’s chakra system to move energy utilizing their powers of yang expression. Some people were not ready to accept they had been living in a false world. That the materialism that they thought was the center of their existence was about to be stripped from them. Some were lost in between these two opposed belief system.  Soon conflicts escalated.  With the knowledge of the spirit creation process, the raw energy available in this universe, and with all the chakras open, connected, and fully functional this civilization of incarnate being were able to wield tremendous power of emotionally charged manifestations.  This effectively brought an end to that era.

 So here we are in 2006. We now know the power mix of energy. We know that if we snap people into a state of spirit awareness and ask them to raise the vibration of the planet and universe many will resist and cling onto the physicality that they have.  Not many people are ready to accept the Truth. For instance - that death is a simply a process of reuniting with your spirit family and reconnecting the Source.  We fear to let go of this reality. So this time we got it figured out. You may ask how do we know, as spirit beings, that this time we got it right. If you recall from a spirit vantage point we see energy, direction, inertia, and future of probability.  From a spirit perspective we have the energy, the formula, and the momentum to jump this universe into the next higher quantum vibration. From a spirit vantage point we can see the success of our intent.

 Our failure in the last attempt was that we did not calculate for freewill. The freewill of the incarnate beings to hold onto this reality was an underestimated variable. This time we considered the process in more detail. If we created incarnate beings with limited realization of their chakra energy centers, limited understanding of the process of taking thought and energy to manifest a product. If we were to seed the human thought matrix with positive, spirit, oneness, Life, Truth, and Love energy – figuratively compared to leaving a dim light on in the dark.  We now have a universe of high energetic friction, out of tune chakra system, the lack of ability to destroy, dim light belief systems (organized religion – no matter how corrupted, filtered, misinterpreted, or lost the Truth morphed over the years it is enough to help ease the transition from ambitious physical reality to spirit reality) Meanwhile both visible and invisible beings are sending wake-up calls for people to slowly wake to the awareness of reality. 

 We were and will always be sending spiritual information into this physical universe but because of the incredible slowness of this plane the messages are subtle and often difficult to grasp.  An example of how limited our understanding of the communications is our inability to understand the infinity of space and time.   Our physical incarnation consciousness is so small that our true spirit world is incomprehensible.  We send information in the form of inspiration, day dreaming, visions, remembrance, and for an increasing number of people are starting to receive very clear communications.

 If you are interesting in subscribing to the possibility of something like this concept, or something of your choosing, you can look at new ideas and concepts from the vantage point of spirit. Nothing in this tube was meant to be taken seriously. It was/is just for amusement. Yes, it got extremely challenging here on the earth plane, it is coming/came back on course. By 2012 everyone will either accept the triggers or will struggle to hang onto a fading existence. I just used 2012 as a control mechanism to catch your attention. See how that works !? Most people have heard of the Mayan calendar and there is wonder surrounding the fact that the calendar ended rather abruptly somewhere around 2012. I see the prophecy build momentum everyday.  More and more people are waking up to the realization that this incarnate vessel that they are inhabiting is just a lower vibration representation of themselves.  When a critical mass of the population experiences this blending with a higher consciousness – YES – the reality of  this world as we know it will be alter. For those that may see this as a scary prophecy please REMEMBER you have control of your experiential reality (the energy that you draw around you). Ask “I wish to experience a safe, joyful, natural, and harmonious existence on this planet.” The power is in your asking, not the words in this quote, make up your own words. Observing the unfoldment from outside the tube, spirit sees that everything is perfect.

 Set yourself free from the limiting belief systems that society, leaders, parents, peers, and your own mind chatter create. Put faith in your physical self as a creation of your own spirit self.  There is a very simple energy vibration that will open up the realm of possibility. The possibility to awaken, to shift your perspective, to expand your awareness beyond your 5 senses, to raise your cellular vibration, to activate your cellular memory, to blend your consciousness with the Source – The possibility to REMEMBER who you are. The vocalization is (you can make up a different one if you wish, no magic here, just a pool of energy) - “I wish to move forward in Light and Love for the highest good of myself and all of creation.” This vocalized statement and singular thought will send a vibration into the Omniverse that will resonate through-out its vastness.  Your guides, angles, spirit family, non-incarnate being, and your spirit self will jump with joy when this vibration is sent beyond our physical micro- cosmism.  After you send this party invitation it would be helpful if you allowed yourself to received information back from spirit.  You can tell yourself “I am open to receive.” Some organizations of faith refer to this process as prayer and meditation. I simple see it as talking and listening.  You probably will not automatically become clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient, but you will have jumped off the cliff into the realm of possibility. The most likely experience will be that you will receive inspiration, a memory, a reflective moment, and you will certainly be given an opportunity to test and grow this process.  A co-worker may tell you something that hurts your feelings.  What a great opportunity that would be.  You could then stop and ask yourself. What thoughts are in my head? What is the emotion that I feel? What is the source of thoughts? You could ask yourself to allow yourself to look at the core thought that can into your head. If you could start to take control of your thoughts and only allow positive thought energy into your life and expressed only positive though, if you did not allow your emotions to control your actions, it might start to look like heaven on earth. If you started to look at seemingly negative situations as opportunities to take that negative energy/vibrations and respin it as positive though you will start to encounter less testing. Some might say you would be living in Love and Light.

 Imagine what life would be like if you could instantly create life experiences of abundance in health, wealth, communication, relationships, and mother nature. Imagine what life would be like if you could manifest your deepest desires. Imagine living in the perspective of spirit where you feel connected to God (however that Source is perceived by you), all beings, and all of creation.  Where you could walk this earth in an awakened state of consciousness.

 I am not attempting to express a concept or belief for anyone but myself. To me, in my head, in my experiences, in my day to day the above stuff is my reality.

 Bono from U2 put my intent into a song back in 1984 –


If you twist and turn away
If you tear yourself in two again
If I could, yes I would
If I could, I would
Let it go

If I could throw this
Lifeless lifeline to the wind
Leave this heart of clay
See you walk, walk away
Into the night
And through the rain
Into the half-light
And through the flame

If I could through myself
Set your spirit free
I'd lead your heart away
See you break, break away
Into the light
And to the day

To let it go
And so to fade away
To let it go
And so fade away

I'm wide awake
I'm wide awake
Wide awake
I'm not sleeping
Oh, no, no, no

If you should ask then maybe they'd
Tell you what I would say
True colors fly in blue and black
Bruised silken sky and burning flag
Colors crash, collide in blood shot eyes

If I could, you know I would
If I could, I would
Let it go...

This desperation
In temptation
Let it go

And so fade away
To let it go
And so fade away
To let it go
And so to fade away

I'm wide awake
I'm wide awake
Wide awake
I'm not sleeping
Oh, no, no, no

 -rod-7/06 “I hope you saw a crack of light behind the door.”

Downloaded Info

This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)