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A New Time with a new perspective.


Belief Systems:

 I am somewhat hesitant to present this so bare with me as I illustrate a disclaimer. Let me first start off with – I you believe pink bunnies surround you and they protect you then that is your reality and there truly are pink bunnies surrounding you in a non-physical dimension. Your thoughts created them by shaping the consciousness of the raw energy that is always available. You gave those bunnies an extension of your consciousness with your intent and you gave these entities a task to perform on your behalf.

 Now if someone comes to you after learning of this feat and says “There is no such thing as a pink bunny!” This statement may affect you positively by helping you deepen your belief because you opt to reevaluate and better integrate your understanding, or the statement could detract focus from your belief and in this case these bunnies will hold less of your consciousness, or the comment may pass right past you with no affect at all. The point here it that any belief that you can use to help yourself is a great belief regardless of whether it is a consensus reality or only in your head. If you do not have a belief system that enables you to develop a sense of purpose in life while on planet earth experiences can be confusing or even frustrating. Most if not all religions help people by providing a belief system that they can use in time of need.  From one perspective all religions are helpful to groups that participate in the organization.  There are also downsides to subscribing to someone else’s / collect religious beliefs.

 What I am proposing is that you attempt to identify the beliefs that you hold and evaluate them.  If someone destroys your beliefs (no pink bunnies) you are left in a delicate balance. You are liberated to create new beliefs or you can recreate your old beliefs. On the other side of the coin if your beliefs are destroyed and they are not replaced with some beneficial beliefs then you may feel a bit lost. I can not stress how important shifting your beliefs can be.

 Consider two well known movies “What the Bleep” and “The Secret”. What is the sole purpose of these presentations? It is to change your beliefs and replace them beneficial energy. Both these shows use numerous people, concepts, and strategies to destroy your beliefs and create new ones.

 Every person I meet has a self created beliefs that are %100 fictitious and are hindering their mastery of the human condition.

 I mention this to make you aware of your own beliefs and your creation formula so that you can decide how you want to perceive what I am going to present.  

 This is the Truth as I experience it. Admission is free.  

If you think/say -

Something is difficult – it will be

I “must” … - there is no “must” – free will is the basis of all that exists.

Good, Right then Evil, Wrong – does not exist without an observer (subjective)

He/she/it … me – you are giving power to them and not taking control

It is … - is based on what was, say “It will be …”

 Fortunately, the time is right for everyone to be able to sense/feel the Truth and the world is shifting at a lightening fast pace.  When enlightenment is being bought, sold, and traded on wall street we will be ready. That was a joke. J - rod- 11/06



Downloaded Info

This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)