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Ancient Wisdom

 The other day I was reflecting on how many years I spent searching the past for the answer to my present. I thought about how the ancient prophets, sages, and many of the indigenous cultures around the world had access to some really advanced knowledge. I found it ironic that for the most part these ancestors lived within simple means yet they seemed to have an acute awareness and the ability to access a wealth of knowledge on a vast number of complex topics. Today there are a handful of seekers that have researched history and presented us with data to suggest that throughout time and in all corners of the globe there have been common messages that can help us understand our human condition.   

 How did our ancestors access this information? Why were so many civilizations and individuals able to make this connection in the past and why aren’t there people in our current times that have this capability? What happened? Where is this information? What exactly do we searching for? How did the connection to this information get lost? Why do humans put more validity in past knowledge and have such difficultly time listening to contemporary peers. I think there has been, and currently are, a large number of sages, prophets, clairvoyants, … that are willing to share their understanding but I think their message is white noise in contrast to the messages of daily life.  I think most of us do not understand how to integrate the esoteric Truths with the reality of paying the bills. It’s great to have an epiphany regarding your path in life but it is far more rewarding to work hard so you can purchase the latest HD TV. I think there are plenty of people walking this earth that are sharing their personal experience and knowledge with the intent to help others regain the lost knowledge. I think that for the most part the industrialized world is not listening. Even if we had proof that there was the supreme being how does that affect my commute traffic, times of frustration and anger, pressures to work and pay bills… Even if we knew how we fit into the divine order of Creation how would that knowledge affect daily activities? If we knew that there are a huge number of other planetary races that visit earth and that we are not alone how would that information change our lives?

 With a few exceptions, I think everyone on this planet genuinely wants to feel at peace with themselves, the world, and everyone in it. I think that would be marvelous wisdom for all of us to have. But, it is one of the most elusive of experiences. I say “experience” because that really defines how we perceive ourselves in these “civilized nations” here on this planet. Do we experience the joy of driving a nice car, the security of sleeping in a nice home, the sense of accomplishment by surrounding ourselves with nice stuff? Do we experience frustration, sadness, loneliness, fear, and sense of life being meaningless? Experience has a lot to do with how we judge ourselves. As an example - Do you feel forced to work for fear of not having enough money to pay your bills? That is a common belief and when you are operating under that belief you constantly carry the fear with you through-out the day. I say it’s a belief and I hear you saying to me – no it’s a reality that I must work to pay my bills. Yes, it is an available reality, and most popular, but it not the only one that exists on this planet. But, you have chosen to experience and participate in that reality. How many of you could sell everything you own and then could afford to move and live very comfortably in a south american forest? If you have a computer to read this then you probably could afford to do it. The point is that we are conditioned to accept the reality that is presented to us and very few of us consider how to create alternate experiences. We have been conditioned to acquire material good, to build machines, to work long hours to support an industry, to struggle to survive. An alternate existence might be that you live near a river and you are surrounded by fruit trees, berries, and wild grain. Oh ya – and nobody owns the land or anything on it because there is abundance for all. There is direct relationship between our belief systems and our experiences. If we knew there were other life forms that could visit us on earth we would have a shift from our current belief and that would alter our perspective and from that new vantage point we might perceive some of our activities differently and hence our experiences will be altered. And as we have new experiences we start to build new belief systems and a cycle of experiences and beliefs begins to unfold. It is at these moments when we can fully embrace our ability to alter our reality.

 Now how does this all this relate to ancient wisdom? Consider this, you have a book of ancient wisdom in your hand at this very moment.  Humor me and really try this exercise. What information would you hope to attain from this book? Imagine that this book could answer your deepest questions and all you had to do was to open the book and the answer would be there in black and white. You are not going to learn how to make a million dollars or invent the latest weapon, where to find the perfect mate, or how fit into this world. For those of you who practice a religion what is it that you gain from that experience, or better yet, what do you hope to gain? Consider these questions for a time. If you seriously took 10 minutes to think about these questions you probably came to the conclusion that developing a question is very hard to define. Did anyone ask - How do I experience joy, Love, wholeness, fun, excitement, pleasure, abundance and peace? Do you think your life would feel fulfilled if you lived this experience? Notice that there are no material components to this request. Notice how important “experience” is. I am not asking for money so I can go find happiness. I am not asking for a new job so I can attain abundance. I am not asking for a mate so I can feel loved. I am simply asking to experience the aspects and qualities of life that would make my life blissful. Consider the distinction between experiencing and acquisition when you pray, meditate, chat mantras, visualize, or other techniques to manifest your intent.  Your feelings and remembrances of an experience will be with you for eternity and acquisitions will disappear in a very short time. When you start to discern the subtlety of your thoughts and experiences some might say you are considering your soul growth, others might say karma, some might consider this the purpose in life, or maybe walking the path. 

 I think that ancient wisdom has a lot to do with how we can shift our experiences.  Let’s consider the components that can affect your experience. Emotion plays a key role. If we are in a grumpy mood it is hard to experience joy during an activity that we normally enjoy. Perspective – if we are looking at a bigger picture then some of the details seem to be less impactful. Physical body – If you are not feeling well it is difficult to enjoy any activity. A preconceived expectation can limit the deep and breadth of an experience. Belief system – if you walk around with the concept that you are not smart enough it could narrow your options to experience abundance. If you hold the vibration of hopelessness then the vibration of hope will have a difficult time entering into your experience. Many sources of ancient wisdom suggest that  – if you love your neighbors as yourself, if you perceive that you are one with God and so is everything else we see, touch, smell, taste – if you treat your body as a purified conduit for experience – if you believe that everyone on this planet is link together with nature and each other – these aspects might help us create and experience a heaven on earth.    

 The ancient wisdom is available to you as well as a new wave of knowledge that is adjusted for this time and space. It is not the answers that are difficult find. I present to you that the challenge is to seek the questions that your soul yearns for you to ask.  The question is not “How do I make money?” nor is the base of the question “How do I experience wealth?” the core question is “How do I experience abundance?”. See the difference here – the first two questions are based on aspects of this material earth. The third question transcends your five physical senses. You may not be able to recognize the ancient wisdom if you do not frame your question from a higher level.

 There are many people that are walking on this earth that can help you answer the questions you have at your core level of being. It simply requires an open mind and some inner searching. – Peace – rod 03/07


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As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)