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Rod I was wondering what ya think. I've been working with others (and myself) who are wanting protection/distance from abusive or very difficult people they must work with or are in their families. My small mind can think of all kinds of things to do with mental energy that I don't think are a good idea. What has worked for others using mental energy in an ethical way?

 My response -

I see two interesting topics in your questions.

 Legal disclaimers - In a nutshell all these paragraphs are a belief system – don’t believe anything - it is up to you to build your own possibility.  Put faith in yourself that you can attain your goal in your own unique process.

 You mention ethics. I gather you are referring to influencing another being's free-will. It is perfectible acceptable to send Loving thoughts and intent. It just happens to be the most powerful force in all of existence. If you attempt to use your ability for situations that are not aligned with the highest good, your intent will hinder your advancement to deeper understanding and advanced skills.  I recently listened to a world renowned physic talk in detail how she would encase someone in a pink bubble to get a desired affect. She has considerable skill but from my perspective she is missing the boat.

 Protection and distance from ones that we chose to share our experiences is ironic. If I read this correctly you did not mention working with others in a consultation environment but are referring to life experiences with co-participants. Co-worker and family. Each spirit monad designed a family situation to incarnate with. There are often times a situation arises to learn/understand from or maybe you are an actor for a particular sequence in the life of the 'difficult' person. Regardless - you are in this situation for a reason. If you choose to hide from it, give it power, or ignore it - no worries it will cycle back into your life. If everyone walked around in bubble of white and gold light when friction was generated then we would have little reason to incarnate on this earth plane. Dave’s energetic filter is an awesome concept. “Allow that which is for me to be visible and remove all else.”

 Everyone has free-will to experience whatever they choose. When you encounter a situation you either choose ‘not to choose’ what to experience and another monad is using you as a mirror or, ‘you chose’ the situation. When you take ownership of this law and start to direct your experiences you have a new perspective on the negative energy and will start to experience your directed intent. As an example - "I ask and intend to experience joy, health, satisfaction, and self fulfillment in my work place."  

 Here is how I see energy input working for me. Someone near you has a thought - it creates energy - do you allow that energy into your spirit-mental-emotional-etheric- or physical space? Depends, does it vibrate high and ooze Love, or is it vibrating lower and feel yucky.  Here is the harder part - does it stick to you? For an energy pattern to stick to you it must have a mating pattern in one of your fields (mentioned above). You can always create the same pattern within your fields to attract it. I sometimes do this to experience what it like to have that vibration (walk a mile in someone else’s shoes) Not fun but sometimes revealing. We have collected many patterns since we first incarnated in this plane of existence. 

 We collected pattern from our mom in the womb, from our parents, authority figures, other incarnation, the media, the guy in the elevator. This is our baggage that is attached to us like an appendage.  Just like an appendage it started to grow at some point and continually collects energy that builds upon itself. You could go into physco therapy for years and start to unravel the complexity of thoughts/emotions/blocks/and belief systems or you could two point the whole thing, in whatever form it appears to you, and dissolve it at the initial point and all other attached buildup simple dissipates. You can always re-grow the same appendage. Here is were you start to take ownership of your experience using a method like “I ask and intent…” or mantra, or affirmation, or prayer,  whatever you feel comfortable with. No magic, no medicines, no mental struggle – just “make it your intent” .

 Sometimes it is hard to sever a piece of yourself that you have carried for so long. Often human belief systems are used as blocks. You’re sinful, you’re not divine, this physical existence is all there is, you’re sick, you’re not pretty, take this drug to ‘feel’…, your karma must be cleared to move forward,  things are good and bad, enlightenment is difficult. If you do not believe that you are of divine origin and do not realize the magnitude of your power than you have subscribed to a human belief.   

 If you want to use your emotional sensory input you have to allow the energy to enter your fields. The trick is you have to allow it to pass-through. The energy may find a synergistic pattern in your field as it passes by and you will most likely feel an emotion. Bingo - you have something to look at. Identify the energy by looking at the thoughts in your head that generated the emotional response to the energy.  Release the energy.

 Clearing your chakras and energy fields can often be an hourly exercise. When you attain/maintain harmony with the higher vibrations in all of your energetic layers, the lower vibrations like, fear, disease, and ... can NOT stick to you. There have been numerous people that walked this earth and exemplified how incarnate beings could be “masters” of ‘intended’ experience.   

 Emotion is a sensory input to your consciousness just like your eyes are to your brain, albeit a bit more complicated to interpret the message.  When you sense that you are interacting with a difficult person (not a client) ask yourself to see it from a higher perspective. ‘ask yourself’ – let go of your thought  from your physical mind chattery brain and send it out to your collective consciousness. People often meditate, yoga, exercise, take drugs… to receive information back.

Please reread this - Legal disclaimers - In a nutshell all these paragraphs are a belief system – don’t believe anything - it is up to you to build your own possibility.  Put faith in yourself that you can attain your goal in your own unique process. Do you feel empowered? If you feel empowered take a mental note of this experiential feeling.  Regardless of the words or the belief systems that you read, know that the energy is all YOU. The power of the omniverse flows through you. – rod- 08/06


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This is a blog - it is not edited, sanitized, spellchecked, reviewed or processed. I simply  sat down and typed it - done. 

As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)