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A New Time with a new perspective.

 What is significant with year 2012? To better interpret what will happen in 2012 it is helpful to understand a bit about the history of our unique quadrant within Creation. To help establish a common perspective of some terms used in the following message here is quick outline of some the terms.

 What is Source? The Source is simultaneously a singularity and collective. It is a single consciousness and within that consciousness there exists aspects of individuality. These individual aspects are given free will to create and experience. It is through these individual experiences that Source is able to experience all that can be imagined. Individual aspects are created with varying degrees of Source consciousness (remembrance). Do you remember the excitement of discovering something for the first time? If the individual aspects had complete remembrance of all that exists (Source consciousness) then there would be no surprises, no profound discovery, no new frontiers to explore. 

 What is energy? The basic concept is that all ‘things’ are energy and that energy is the basis for everything in vastness of Creation. Energy has a frequency and a pattern of vibration. What we perceive in this 3rd dimensional reality is a particular frequency/vibration that our 5 physical senses interpret as a person, place, or thing. We are always directing our energy to create. We create experiences in our lives, we create a microcosm of a reality around us, when we daydream / visualize we create these entire visions but they vibrating at a frequency that is not interpreted by any of 5 physical senses.

 What is time? Time is a perception of segmented space. From the perspective of a being looking at this segment of Creation from the outside there is no time. There is a linear unfoldment but instantly the probabilities of the future are available. Past lives are our perception of time. They are truly concurrent parallel lives that exist in another frequency division (dimension). Not to be confused with parallel lives within the same space/time. Ten thousand earth years is a blink of an eye in Creation time. The unfoldment of manifestations in earth time is uniquely slow to materialize.   

 In order to understand where we are today it may be helpful to look at our current space/time from three different perspectives.  1)What was the original blueprint of this quadrant. 2) What shifted / changed to create our current world. 3) How does it get realigned and what happens.

 1)      Original Blueprint –

The formulation of this universe within Creation was based on a logical and mathematically exact unfoldment of conscious expansion. This universe as well as all the other playgrounds for consciousness experiences were created from the combination of thought and intent of the Source.  Our quadrant was created according to a divine order just like all the others. Many types of beings, or aspects, assisted in creating this slowly vibrating physical manifestation. These Creation beings do not require a physical body to exist. They are in general terms spirit beings. These beings create everything from the minute details of sub atomic particles to the manifestation of planets.  As you can imagine there is a vast amount energy that needs to be transmuted to various patterns and frequencies to create a world like our. There are basic geometric boilerplates that are used to create a playground. There are basic laws of Creation. One of these laws is the law of free will. Each and every being regardless of size, origin, shape, color, frequency, or pattern has a Source given right to free will in absolutely all aspects of experience.

 With in the divine order every being’s thoughts are shared with others. There are no secrets and no reason to lie for every experience was easy, joyful, and abundant.

 Each thought that we have is a cascading wave of energy that is sent out in all directions. For instance, when we pray to God, however you perceive God(s), that wave of energy is transmitted through a complex array of intersecting grids to all corners of Creation. Within the divine plan there is not one single thought that is not available across Creation. Each being has a connection back to the Source. Each being knows to a varying degree that they are a part of a larger aspect, the law of one, at one with all that exists, an aspect of oneself. There is harmony, there is divine purpose, and there is help and support.

 2)  What got shifted –

 Some 500 thousand years ago a group of beings thought it would exciting to sever the energetic connection between this quadrant and the rest of Creation. They manipulated the energetic grids so that they in effect were in control of the energetic grids. This is often referred to as a veil or existing in a sleep state. We lost our connection to who and what we really are, an aspect of the Source. At first it was simply an experiment to see what would happen. It was a slow unfoldment. Incarnate being that lost their connection to the Source slowly forgot how to find God within. We lost our ability to remember why we are here and what our purpose is. We forgot that everyone on this planet is simply another aspect of our true self. We forgot how to connect to our higher self consciousness. We ever so slowly slipped into an existence where we now think we are simply bio physical sentient beings living a world of disharmony. The beings that created this disharmony have been playing with us. They have seeded the earth grid with thoughts (energy) of dislocation, desperation, isolation, condemnation, hierarchy, and such. They have manipulated aspects of our physicality in an attempt to prevent us from regaining our connection to the Truth.

 3)      What is happening today –

At a certain point the disharmonious beings went too far. They stole our free will and imposed their will upon us. From the Sources perspective they exceeded their right of free will and our existence of experience was quickly slipping into chaos.  The intent of Source was to correct this disharmony. Since all that exists is an energetic vibration of the Source it was immediately executed. If you recall the outline for time you will remember that 10 thousand years is a blink of a spirit being eye and that transmuting of energy within this slowly vibrating quadrant is slow to manifest from our humanly perspective. For the prophets, shaman, clairvoyants, … that are able to perceive this from the outside looking in, it has already happened.  Some can see the momentum of energy, some can feel the Source intent, some can see the possibilities of physical unfoldment.  

 There are human beings on this planet that know all this. Each time they incarnate they are rediscovered and re-taught these Truths. Unfortunately, only a handful are working to realign this existence. There are more that are taught how to maintain the hierarchy, how to manipulate the humans, how to create and maintain power. The human race has been enslaved by the unified intent of both physical and non-physical beings. They have orchestrated global events, media messages, built institutions, created the hierarchical segregation, and penetrated almost all level of our existence.  They have created belief systems, and promoted emotional traumas that create disharmony in our energetic fields that prevents us from vibrating at a high enough level where we can access the Truth. 

 What is 2012 all about? –

The first thing to believe is that 2012 is not an “event”.  There is a uniqueness of this time period but the world does not change instantly at this point in time. There is free will and each of us has the infinite power to create so if you intend to create and/or experience an ‘event’ you may materialize it.  The Truth is that a specific energetic shift started thousands of years ago and is now being felt in our physical world.  The earth grid veil was pierced and the vibration of the Source was reestablished on this planet. 2012 is not just about our little planet. It is about this entire quadrant of Creation. The energetic grids that link this section of the universe to the Source are being reconstructed to the original blueprint as well as our earth grid. There will be a universal alignment of planets and grids that will bring us back into the awareness of our true nature. When earth is shifted and the grids restored we will all be reconnected to our source and re-experience our soul lineage. Harmony, abundance, peace, oneness, Love,.. will be the predominate available thoughts, feelings and experiences. We will once again have the choice to enjoy our path to glorious experiences and creations - or for some NOT. 

 The shift of energy is happening today. The way our governments are operating are starting to shift. More and more people are become more aware. It is not a matter of learning – it is simply a matter of remembering. There is really nothing to “DO” to merge with your true nature. It only requires the willingness to be open to the possibility that there is more to this existence than what your 5 physical senses present to you. Develop a willingness to trust your larger consciousness. You will never loose your individuality even when fully merged with the Source consciousness. You will gain the ability to become at one with all the other aspects of consciousness. You will shed your physical mind perspective and reunite with your larger consciousness. Some may say shed your ego and some may say that it is simply a shift in consciousness to a higher perspective. It will be helpful if you develop a sense of discernment.  As the energy of an experience, a message, an inspiration, a feeling, a thought, or idea passes through your awareness take a second to use your core guilt feel then make a conscious decision on how you want to proceed. As we get closer to 2012 everyone will become aware of their own personal energy field and the false belief systems, the emotional links, and the cellular memory events that act as filters and blocks to remembering the Truth. These energetic blobs in your field hinder you from raising your vibration to a high enough level to where you can fully merge with your larger consciousness. There is a direct correlation between your corporeal body and that of your energetic body.   

 The disharmonious beings are not real fond of relinquishing control. They will take action in an attempt to maintain their rank in the hierarchy. Their control is based on fear, intimidation, uncertainty, separation,… If you hear a message that sounds like “Us vs. Them”, “be fearful of …”, “protect yourself” then recognize it as a mechanism to separate you from the other aspects of yourself. The heightened “Orange Security Alert” at the airports was a fantastic creation of control. The constant droning of “be afraid, close up, don’t trust anyone, the world is uncertain” targeted at the mid to upper class was pure genius.

 With only a handful of exceptions, every single human being on this planet truly wants to live in harmony with the world and everyone in it. There may be disharmonious manifestations that the world population will experience leading up to 2012. It will be important not to focus your awareness on the lower vibration of this experience. Instead, ask that we all experience the highest vibration of Love that each of us can embody. The direct access to God will be experienced when you exercise your own personal power and free will to experience your own reality and not that of others.    

 As we get closer to 2012 –

Every being has free will to pursue the newly available experiences or to remain in the older patterns. If you make the choice to move forward you will notice changes happening all around you. You will notice that changes are happening to you. Things that were comfortable for you in the past may not be comfortable for you any longer. You career may take a change direction, you feel inclined to move, you may loose relationship and create new ones. Activities that you enjoyed in the past may no longer bring you pleasure. The messages from the elite world leaders may become transparent. The manipulative messages that are presented in the media will become less effective and people will see past the message to the intent and the attempt to control will become clear. You may be blissful in one moment and in the next you may feel as though your world is collapsing.

 Some might say that the epic clash between good and evil is at hand. Some might say the second coming of Christ and the presence of the devil will become evident. If you think in terms of Christ as good and devil as evil and that everything is energy then you may start to build personal understanding of what has been prophesized.  If the thought and intent energy of the Truth is symbolized by Christ, or any of the other version of saviors, and if the thought energy of the unified disharmonious beings is the energetic control or veil then yes there will be a vividly evident display of conflicting energy. The intent of the disharmonious beings will be to create conflict, confusion, fear, separation. And the intent of Source is to provide an energetic path to getting home. As this unfolds over the next 5 years it will become increasing more polarized. The disharmony will be obviously visible in all of its manifestations and the demonstration of our true lineage will be equally as visible.  We, the beings on this earth, will have a choice on how this plays out in our experience.

 Our perception of time is that it is moving quicker. This is based on the fact that the frequency of everything around us is vibrating higher and the space that we perceive as distance and time is less dense. This may be analogous to light vs. dark. How darkness can not exist in the presence of light. How darkness/disharmony is simply the absence of light/higher vibration. The natural state of Creation is a constant connection to the highest vibration of Source. The energetic veil that disrupted this frequency from being anchored on this planet is fading quickly and will be dissolved by 2012.

 As we move closer to 2012 each person will have the opportunity to reawaken to the Truth. It will be an individual choice as to whether you what to listen to the message or continue living in this veiled existence.  There is never a right or wrong choice – there is simply the option to express free will and experience any reality you care to create for yourself or care to allow someone to create for you. 

 Take a moment to consider the perspective of the Source. You watch this world of experiences slowly slip into disconnectedness. You feel, hear, and sense the disharmony of the corrupted energy. There are billions of aspects of yourself that have become isolated, lonely, scared, confused, lost, … Of course your intent is save and reconnect each and every aspect. Your intent is to save even the disharmonious aspects and transmute them to whole for they have simply fallen into a state of forgetfulness too. From this perspective wouldn’t you make every effort to make this transition as easy, painless, comfortable, healthy, and natural as possible?  Wouldn’t you make every attempt to unfold your intent with grace? Remember you are an aspect of God and if you place yourself in this perspective and set your individual intent to experience a glorious transition not only for yourself but for all aspects of God you will create and anchor heaven on earth. – rod - 02/13/07





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As my process of unfoldment continues I am constantly becoming more aware and gaining a deeper understanding.

As with all authors the messages that I wrote were based on my perception at the time of the writing. Send me an email if you find something unclear as I am sure you are not the only one that I have confused :)