egyptian hieroglyph of neheh

A New Time with a new perspective.

My Intent 08/06 -

I ask and intend that I move quickly, safely, and joyfully forward in intent, desires, and abilities. 

List of intent for work

1)      create a website for personal growth (spirit web)

a.       develop a website that is extremely successful

b.      experience abundance

c.       help people realize, understand , and integrate the Truth into their daily lives

d.      personal enjoyment

e.       build a staff, a company, an environment of health, happiness, discovery, and excitement

2)      open a office for “holistic life balancing”

a.       health, wealth, relationships, increased awareness, expansion of consciousness

b.      develop a channel of communication with your higher knowledge

c.       identify and remove lower vibrations, disruptive energy patterns, (physical, mental, and emotional blockages)

d.      balance of life force energy (Chakra, energy field, connection to source and earth)

e.       develop a connection to “the source”

3)      develop the skills of clairsentient, clairvoyance, and clairaudient of all frequencies and vibrations with absolute clarity

4)      develop the skill of communicating the truth to all that seek the truth (and those that are not too J )

 List of intent for the awakening process

 I ask and intend that I become fully awake and aware of the Truth as quickly as possible.

 My desired skills -

1)      clarity in communication with my spirit self

2)      clarity in communication with all beings (human, ET, light beings, all spirits)

3)      ability to see all beings and all energy

4)      ability to see and know (source, reason, path for removal) the energy, vibration, and signature of energy surrounding each being

5)      ability to move, create, recreate, shift, and direct energy at all levels

6)      ability to heal all forms of imbalances (physical, mental, emotional, energy fields)

7)      ability to see, understand, and communicate the past, present, and future of all that is (past lives, past worlds, prenatal agreements, present stage, present options, present opportunities) the entire future of all that is

8)      ability to communicate with other beings spirit selves with absolute clarity

9)      ability to tell each being something profound that will prove to them that they are a being of light, there is more to this earth than are 5 physical senses, each being is eternal, each being has free will and can change their experiences

10)  through myself set your spirit free

11)  give a glimpse of the truth through my eyes to others

 Actions –

Connect to source every morning

Set intent for each day

Ask for the experience … (situational)

Visit local group of people with same understanding and intent

Create list of daily affirmations

Create the process to start each day

Review this document once a week

Read books every night

Each week set a goal for myself (i.e. connect with clarity to spirit self)

 List intent for life

I ask and intend that I experience an abundance of money, joy, experiences, love, and opportunity.

I ask and intend to experience any and all activities that are available (travel, racing, cars, boats, vacations) without regard for money.

I wish to be freed from any and all finance constraints, cares, and worries.

 List of intent for relationships

I ask and intend to experience relationships with joy, happiness, fulfillment, love, and truth for myself and others.

I ask and intend that my relationship with my family blossom with love and light and all of us experience life with knowledge and understanding that we are divine beings of energy.

 Do not want:

 I do not want –

to be an ordinary psychic,

to be so focused on my work that I forget family, friends, and play

to experience financial struggle

my expansion of awareness and consciousness to unfold slowly

to be pulled down by the vibrations of others

to hold onto any negative vibrations, blocks, or emotions


My Intent

In this section I share with you my personal experiences that have shifted my perspective on this reality.

It is my hope, dream, prayer, and intent that everyone on this planet chooses to wake up from this perceived reality and trust your non-physical senses to guide you.

It is my intent to be the clearest conduit of information that I can be.